Game Fish Green

Game Fish Green

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A perfect match for tough off-shore angling!

  • Highest quality and most durable green line available
  • Super long and smooth casting vs other competitors
  • Strongest and most abrasion-resistant fluorocarbon on the market

This is a line that fulfills all of the tough requirements of demanding blue water fishermen. IT'S STRONGER: It is known for it's strength. IT'S DURABLE: It maintains its tensile strength hundreds of times longer than standard monofilament lines. GREAT SHOCK STRENGTH: Game Fish Green is designed to absorb the punishment of offshore strikes. IT'S ROUND AND SMOOTH: Performs on your reel like no other line! Available in 1LB and 5LB spools.

Diameter Breakdown:

10LB - .30 mm
12LB - .35 mm
15LB - .40 mm
20LB - .45 mm
25LB - .50 mm
30LB - .55 mm
40LB - .65 mm
50LB - .75 mm
60LB - .80 mm
80LB - .90 mm
100LB - 1.10 mm
125LB - 1.20 mm
300LB - 2.00 mm
400LB - 2.20 mm