Fluorocarbon Leader - 50 Yard

Fluorocarbon Leader - 50 Yard

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Virtually INVISIBLE in water!

  • Light refraction precisely matches water for near invisibility
  • Utilizes an open and user-friendly wrist spool
  • Strongest and most abrasion-resistant fluorocarbon on the market

With reflective characteristics that are matched to that of water, this leader disappears under the surface! It features twice the density of standard mono-filament which adds toughness. It also has 20% less stretch and a higher resistance to abrasion. When making a stealthy presentation is a top priority, TrikFish Fluorocarbon Leaders are clearly the line of choice! Available in 25 yards, 50 yards, 100 yards, and Musky Leader 25 yards.

Diameter Breakdown:

15LB - .35 mm
20LB - .40 mm
25LB - .45 mm
30LB - .50 mm
40LB - .60 mm
50LB - .70 mm
60LB - .80 mm
80LB - .90 mm
100LB - 1.00 mm
125LB - 1.20 mm

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