Fluorocarbon Line

Fluorocarbon Line

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Virtually INVISIBLE in water!

  • Light refraction precisely matches water for near invisibility
  • Super long and smooth casting vs other competitors
  • Strongest and most abrasion-resistant fluorocarbon on the market

Trik Fish exclusive high-tech, soft, fluorocarbon line that has virtually no memory and incredible knot strength. It does not have the "milky" look that most fluorocarbons have.. which defeats the purpose of a stealthy approach in your fishing line. Available in 200 yards and bulk spools.

Diameter Breakdown:

2LB - .14 mm
4LB - .16 mm
6LB - .18 mm
8LB - .20 mm
10LB - .25 mm
12LB - .30 mm
15LB - .35 mm
17LB - .38 mm
20LB - .40 mm
25LB - .45 mm
30LB - .50 mm

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